Most commonly used in bathrooms, limestone has sandy look that often captures fossilized plant and animal life, giving it a certain primitire appeal.Limestone is most often white or cream-colored.

-Natural, ancint apperance.

-good for low traffic areas.

-can contain fossils.
Limestone is known for uniquely having ancient aquatic fossils embedded it as a result of being formed in clear, warm, shallow marine waters. Limestone is slightly softer and more porous than marble, so avoiding areas that experience a high traffic flow, particularly with acidic liquids, is best.

Traditional countertops have a high-end aesthetic appeal that will add value to ypur home while also providing an extremely durable surfaces.Granite is a natural stone which makes easch piece one of kind.

-Hardest of all natural stone, countertop materials.

-Highly resistant to staining, scratching and heat.

-Largest selection of colors.

-Ideal for kitchen countertops.

Slate is a natural , fine -grained rock that naturally has an uneven surface which many people find aesthetically appealing.Slate has a full matte finish and comes in a variety of colors,mostly  medium to dark stones.

-Organic apperance.

-Available for most projects.

-Chemically inerts.
Slate is very attractive, durable, and non-porous, making it one of the easiest countertop materials to care for and maintain as it does not require sealing. It has a stylish uniform look that is ideal for modern design settings.


This material is one of the most aesthetically pleasing stone due to the fact that it brings a warm, inviting looks to any application.This material lends itself to a classic old-world look with a modern feel.Some of the top designers in the world commoly use this material because it is great of reflecting light and making rooms appear brighter.

Luxurious look-Eco-friendly.

-Uses for facades, stairs and decorative pieces.

Travertine is a form of limestone that is known for its consistent color, long streaks, and elegance. Travertine is best suited for low traffic areas like bath surrounds, bathroom flooring, wash stations and showers. It can also look fantastic as a kitchen backsplash.

In addition to being unique and colorful, gmstone countertops are also heat resistant and stain resistant.Most homeowners will use these exotic stones an eye-ctahcing showpiece.Vanities, shelves and even framed art are some of the most common uses of these spectacular stones.

-Made from semi-precious stone.

-Extremely unique.

-S ome types are semi translucent properties.

Gemstone is one of the most recognizable natural stones. The various rocks that make up its composition are semi-precious stones, which creates a stunning aesthetic. Gemstone is a standout material that is truly like no other.

 There is no denying the sheer beauty of onyx.It comes in a variety of colors along with contrasting colors from the veining.These color schemes makes each piece a unique piece of art.Some colors of onyx are translucent and can be backlit.This stone is comoly use in bars to create a dynamic interior design element.

-Stunning colors and patterns.

-Translucent types can be backlit.


​The lavish beauty of Onyx caught the attention of civilizations dating back to the ancient Egyptians, and Greeks, who utilized the natural beauty of Onyx for making jewelry and extraordinary cravings. A special feature that certain Onyxes have is its ability to be backlit because of their translucency. This is a fairly inexpensive process that truly allows the stone to exhibit its pure beauty and makes it the focal point of any room. Onyx is best used in low trafficked areas, such as home bars. In a retail setting, we recommend it to be used merely as an artistic accessory.

Highly stain-resistant and bacteria-resistant, soapstone commoly comes in a range of grey colors.From light to dark.It also stands up to acidic materials such as lemon juice.This stone is also heat-resistant.
-Vintage look.

​-Changes with time(ages)
Soapstone is heat and stain resistant natural stone. Soapstone comes in varying shades of grey and can have hints of green, black and blue. The color of soapstone darkens with age, giving a beautiful worn look that is highly sought after.

with its timesless look, this natural stone will bring an element of class to any space in the home.Most marble is white with grey veins, but there are other more exotic, colorations to this beautiful natural stone.In addition to its lavish apperance , it can also increase the value of home.

-Clssic and elegant stone with timeless style.

-Great for bathrooms, fireplaces and furniture tops.

​-Aesthetically pleasing, wherther polished or honed.


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